Sports Cardiology UK provides expert cardiac sports advice, screening and assessment for athletes and would-be athletes of all ages and abilities.

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Sports Cardiology UK also provides advice for patients with known heart disease and expert assessment service for patients with exercise associated symptoms such as palpitations, fainting or chest pain.

Cardiac assessment

All clients undergo a clinical cardiovascular examination and an Echocardiograph by an experienced cardiologist.

Depending on individual circumstances we might also ask for an Echocardiogram and/or an exercise stress test

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Existing conditions

Even those with existing heart conditions can benefit from regular exercise.

Sports Cardiology UK can provide a bespoke exercise prescription, as long as it comes with approval from the clients regular cardiologist.

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Screening is recommended for athletes of all ages and abilities, including:

  • children & young adults;
  • "would-be" athletes;
  • veteran & senior athletes;
  • elite & professional athletes.

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