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The' ECG': Electrocardiogram

Stickers (called electrodes) are placed across the chest wall. The electrodes are attached to the ECG machine to make a recording of the hearts electrical activity


Heart Monitoring

Monitoring of heart rhythm (similar to the ECG trace) can be obtained over one or several days by wearing a small heart monitor.. This uses  3 leads to monitor the heart. The monitor fits comfortably into pockets.



The team are  proficient in all aspects of advanced heart ultrasound scanning.  Dan is the editor of Echocardiography, one of the leading heart ultrasound textbooks.


Stress Echocardiogram

This is a specialised heart ultrasound scan used to identify possible narrowings in heart arteries. It is called a stress test as the heart rate is increased during the test in a controlled way. We are experts in the main recommended forms of stress echo - using either medication or exercise to increase the heart rates.


Exercise Stress Test

Treadmill testing is valuable in certain clinical scenarios, giving information on exercise capacity, symptoms, heart rhythm and blood pressure response to exercise.


Advanced Cardiac Imaging

In certain scenarios more advance imaging techniques are needed to diagnose cardiac conditions. These tests include CT scanning of heart arteries or heart MRI scans (also known as cardiac MRI scans). MRI scans can be used to look at heart structure and function, to detect abnormalities with heart muscle and to identify areas of reduced blood flow due to heart artery narrowings.

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